Osaka Aquarium ~Teen Activity Program & English Summer School 2016

Teen Activity Program2016そしてENGLISH Summer School 2016最終日の合同アクティビティはみんなお待ちかねの海遊館へ

We visited the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium on the last day of the Teen Activity Program(TAP) and the English Summer School(ESS) 2016.


It was a very hot day, but inside of the aquarium was  “Blue and Water” world!
We could forget the heat when we watched more than 30,000 fish.

Water tunnel! Thibalt’s heart was stolen by this beautiful world.

The Osaka Kaiyukan aquarium is famous for seeing a whale shark, which is the world’s biggest fish. We can feel relaxed when we see the whale shark  swimming elegantly.

すっかりと仲良くなったガールズ!今日で最後なんて寂しいですね。でもみんなには素敵な思い出とたくさんの写真が残りましたね!TAPが終了した次の日には帰国するバレリアさん、最後に「来年もどってくるから!」と約束してくれました!サラちゃんもMinaちゃんもKohaneちゃんも来年また夏休みにLexis Japanで再会できるといいですね!

4 girls were always together! Now they are very good friends, however this day was the last day of TAP and ESS….It is very sad to see the international students are leaving,  but we can see each other next year at Lexis Japan!!


Can you see?? There is a water tank above them, and you can see seals swimming over you! What a great picture!

There is a petting zone, and you can make friends with stingrays. Everyone was very excited to touch them! Do they have smooth skin or rough skin?

It was a great oppotunity to share  feelings such as “Happy, Fun, Sad, Surprising…” with the international students through all activities at Lexis Japan. We are sure that all students from TAP and ESS grew up a lot after they had great experiences this summer!



We hope you had a great summer here in Japan. We will miss you all a lot, but we will see you next summer at Lexis Japan!

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