Lexis Japan Tooth Tooth Beer Garden Night!

先週の土曜日は、前回の大雨でキャンセルになってしまった「Lexis Japan Tooth Tooth Beer Garden Revenge Night」でした

We had the Lexis Japan Tooth Tooth Beer Garden “Revenge” Night last Saturday as the previous party had been cancelled due to bad weather in July!
Lexis Japan Beer Garden 25お盆の初日だったので残念ながら参加できない生徒様もいらっしゃいましたが、35人が集合しました!
This day was the first day of the BON festival, so some students couldn’t make it, but 35 Lexis family members enjoyed this event!

浴衣がすてきなアカリさん。Lexis Japanで週2回プライベートレッスンを受講中の彼女がTooth Tooth Beer Gardenのデコレーションをしました!夏っぽくてとてもステキなデコレーションでしたよ。

Akari who is taking 2 private lessons per week is wearing  a gorgeous YUKATA! Actually she did all the decorations at Tooth Tooth Beer garden “Japonism Summer”, which was wonderful and modern.

Lexis Japan Beer Garden 1

レクシスジャパンの英語コースからもたくさんのご参加ありがとうございます!トライアル4回をご登録中のAkikoさんとHirokoさんも参加♪初めてのLexis Japanのパーティですが楽しんでいただいたようでとてもうれしいです!
Akiko and Hiroko who just signed up for 4 Trial lessons at Lexis Japan attended this event as well. This is the first Lexis Japan student party for them, but we are so happy that they enjoyed it!

Lexis Japan Beer Garden 6

来年からLexis Noosaに留学するTakakoさん。Lexis Japanではレッスンだけでなく留学生と国際交流をするためにたくさんのアクティビティにも参加してくださっています。
Takako is going to study at Lexis Noosa from next February. She is not only taking lessons at Lexis Japan, but she also often participates in After-class activities with international students, talking to them in English, Japanese and Chinese!


Here is Eri from the IELTS preparation course, and Miki&Keiji from the Cambridge exam FCE preparation course. Thank you very much for attending!

Lexis Japanの元生徒様たちも参加!去年の夏Lexis Japanで学ばれたスペインのセルヒオさん、イタリアのウォルターさん(サプライズ参加!)、アメリカのホーケンさん、そして神戸在住のエリザベスさんも来てくださいました!まるで同窓会!

Also, this was like “Re-union summer 2015”! Sergio from Spain, Walter from Italy and Hawken from U.S.A were there! They learned Japanese at Lexis Japan last summer! Also Elizabeth who took evening Japanese courses last year also came, Arigatougozaimasu!


An exciting lottery! WHO GOT GOOD ICECREAM?!
Maiko who is taking private lessons, her husband and me(Miki) got them at the same time!! Look at our faces, we were so happy!


It was a great night out in Kobe, and we could enjoy each other’s company and relax. Did you practice Japanese and English with local and international students a lot?
Let’s have another student night someday soon!
Everyone, thank you very much for attending the Lexis Japan Student Night!

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