Application for JLPT is available from today!

JLPT Lexis JapanYou can apply for the JLPT for the 4th of December 2016 from today!

We are starting the JLPT N2 preparation course and the JLPT N1 preparation course in September!!
The JLPT preparation course is from Mondays to Fridays, and there are part-time and full-time courses ( 3 hours a day, and 5 hours a day).

Also, we can offer you the JLPT preparation private lessons in the evenings if you cannot be a full-time/part-time student due to your daytime commitments. So, you can still enrol for these courses.
Please feel free to contact us at or on 078-331-0944 if you have any questions.

Lexis JapanではJLPT N2とN1対策を行ってり、月曜から金曜日までの授業となります。

電話: 078-331-0944


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