This Week’s Graduation 今週の修了者

Lexis Japan Graduation 4 2

二人はMeet Upイベントにも参加したり、旅行にいったりとたくさん日本語を話しましたね!

This week’s graduation… Isabelle san from Switzerland and Aida san from Sweden. Both of them attended the Lexis Japan Meet Up and traveled around the Kansai area. They used a lot of Japanese during their stay in Kobe! Please keep studying Japanese in your country, and come back to Lexis Japan next Summer!

Lexis Japan Graduation 3

Because a lot of international students have left at the end of Summer, there are not many students at the moment, but 5 new students are coming to Lexis Japan from next Monday!

Lexis Japan Graduation 1

Because we had 10 students today, we took a “Funny” photo today! Each person shows one alphabet!  Do you know what letters they are trying to shape?!

Lexis Japan Graduation 2


そう、レクシスジャパンです! YES!! Lexis Japan!

「E」担当にニコロさん、楽しそう! Nicolo the “E” looks to be enjoying this!
「X」担当のエリックさん、かっこいい!! Eric the “X” looks COOL!
「S」担当のロバートさん、なんかジョークみたい!笑 Robert the  “S” looks like a joke!

Everyone looks awesome!! These girls are so cute when they are shaping alphabet letters, and the boys are very cool!
Well done, everyone!! And thank you very much!!

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