Tea Ceremony- After class activity! 茶道教室

Today is the “Harvest Moon” day in Japan! We wanted to something very “Japanese”, so we had the Tea Ceremony class for the after-class activity!

It is a really Japanese way to sit “Seiza” style. Everyone was saying “Oh,my legs hurt” with big smiles!

They were surprised that there were many rules and manners just to pick up Japanese sweets at the Tea Ceremony.


They laughed especially a lot when they knew they had to make the noise “Zuzuzuzu!” when they finish sipping the Matcha green tea. Actually this noise implies “the tea is very tasty and it’s not enough, I want to have more!”. This noise shows your respect towards the host of the tea ceremony session! However, I know how you feel! Yes, it is a little bit “too” rude to make noise when you drink tea in most countries!


Everyone did a great job making Matcha green tea! Well done, guys!
Please make Matcha green tea for your family and friends back in your countries, and tell them about these “Funny” manners!

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