Tsukimi-dango making activity 月見団子作り


Last week, we made “Tsukimi dango” (Tsukimi means viewing the moon) for the afternoon activity.


People in Japan offer “Tsukimi dango”, moon-viewing round dumplings, with “Susuki”, Japanese pampas grass, to the full moon in appreciation for the harvest.


They seemed to have some doubts that they could really shape dango with a Mix mix mix and warm it up in a microwave…..



Shape it into balls.  They balled dough in their hands again and again to make it perfectly round.


Put some “anko”, bean paste, and “kinako”, soy bean power on the top. Everyone made some unique dango and enjoyed tasting them.



In Japan, when we look up to the moon, the markings on the moon’s surface are seen as a rabbit pounding “mochi”. In other countries, they are viewed as a crab, woman’s face….. What’s the custom in your country?


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