Big farewell to Rintaro and Liao san


Rintaro has been taking English classes 2-3 times a week since summer 2015. He started from the low Elementarly level and he used to say “English is not my thing”, but he had improved a lot by the end! After he leveled up, he attended the Cambridge Exam Preparation Course (PET Level).  Just last month, he has been taking private lessons to prepare for his departure for Australia.


Rintaro is leaving tomorrow for Australia to study there for a year. He was not confident in his English level in the beginning at all, but now he feels more comfortable about this big move! We are looking forward to seeing you again in one year!


いってらっしゃい、Rintaro君!Bon Voyage, Rintaro!


そして、48週間の日本語コース(Intensive Japanese / JLPT Preparation Course)および今年の4月からは週3回の英語コースも受講したLiaoさん。レクシスジャパンのブログにもよく登場する彼ですが、今日卒業となりました。中級レベルからスタートしたLiaoさんですが、JLPT N2対策コース、N1対策コース、集中日本語コースもアドバンスレベルまで修了しました。最後のスピーチに、スタッフ・講師一同涙が出そうになりました。JLPT N1レベル合格という目標も達成し、台湾に明日帰国します。日系企業で働くことが目標ということですが、きっと大丈夫でしょう!

Today Liao san, who completed 48 weeks of the Japanese course (Intensive Japanese course / JLPT Preparation Course) and English classes since April 2016, graduated from Lexis Japan. He started from the Intermediate level in Japanese and completed the Advanced level. He has achieved his goal, to pass the JLPT N1 level and improved his English skills as well. He is leaving for Taiwan tomorrow but we are sure that he is going to achieve his next goal!


Intensive Japaneseコース、JLPT N2対策コース、JLPT N1対策コースの修了書をそれぞれの先生から受け取ります。



He did a great job on the English course. Liao san and Rintaro were in the same class in the Cambridge Exam Preparation course!


Lexis Japan is a very unique language school where we offer both Japanese Courses for International students and English Courses for local students. The International students have many chances to see local people on campus and to practise Japanese! We are accepting the applications for 2017 now and it looks like the spring-summer period is a popular season. Kobe is just a beautiful city in any season, though!


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