Welcoming the new students! 今週の入学者

先週は4週間滞在をしたMariaさんが卒業しました。Lexis Koreaでの留学中に、足を延ばしてLexis Japanまで来てくれた言語習得意欲の高い留学生です。またLexis Koreaに戻って、韓国語を勉強するそうです!持ち前のやる気と根気強さで頑張ってね!

Maria from Spain completed 4 weeks of the Intensive Japanese Course last Friday. She studied at Lexis Japan in between her courses at Lexis Korea. She is now back in Korea studying Korean! Good luck! Please don’t forget your Japanese!



そして、今日は20人の生徒が入学をしました。スイス人のJanineさんとタイ・バンコクのハイスクールのみなさん19人です!Today we welcomed Janine from Switzerland and 19 high school students from Bangkok, Thailand.




This is the high school student group from Thailand who will join our special activities during their stay. We will keep updating you on how they are doing!



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