9月12日より4週間、オーストラリア・クィーンズランドにあるSt. Andrew’s Anglican Collegeから、短期留学生として、BethanyさんとSarahさんが滞在してました。前半2週間をレクシスジャパンでビギナーレベルである一から日本語を勉強し、その後近大付属高校で2週間現地の高校生活を体験しました。BethanyさんとSarahさんから頂いた感想とともに、彼女たちの留学体験記をご案内します。

From September 12, Bethany and Sarah attended the 4 weeks of the short study program. The first 2 weeks they took the Japanese course at Lexis Japan and spent another 2 weeks at Kindai High School as exchange students. Please let us share their experience here with you!


Bethany and Sarah arrived at Lexis Japan without any Japanese Language knowledge. No problem! We also accept students with zero Japanese ability.


ある日ビギナークラスの教室にお邪魔してきました。なれない日本語の発音をしっかり白川先生と練習しているところでしたよ。 On one day, Mio visited the Beginner Classroom. They were practising unfamiliar Japanese word pronunciation with Shirakawa Sensei.



On the same day in the afternoon, Bethany was working on the speech script with Shirakawa Sensei. Sarah was trying to memorize the speech for the following day!



It’s Friday! Speech day! At Lexis Japan even Beginner students give speeches, all in Japanese. It does not matter if it is a short speech! The most important thing is to write a speech using the grammar points that they learned during the week and try to deliver a smooth speech!


These students didn’t only learn some Japanese, they also enjoyed experiencing Japanese Cultural Activities. They both said that they were interested in Japanese culture. The tea ceremony & the making of dango (Japanese sweets) were fun exeperiences for them!

畳の上で正座をすること、お箸を使ってお茶菓子をとること、お団子を丸めること。日本の高校生は誰もが経験したことがあるようなことも、彼女たちにとっては初体験です。笑顔にあふれていますね! These simple things, like “sitting on the tatami mat” “using chopsticks to pick up the sweets for the tea ceremony” and “rolling the sticky rice balls” could be whole new exciting things for Bethany and Sarah.


2週間はあっという間でしたが、ホストファミリーとだんじり祭りに参加したり、USJに行ったりと週末もイベントが盛りだくさんだったそう! They both said the first 2 weeks went by really quickly, but they had huge fun at school and with their host families. They saw the Danjiri Festival, which is the most famous Japanese festival in Western Japan, and even Universal Studios Japan with their host families.

【サラさんから頂いた感想 Testimonial from Sarah】

“As it was my first time in Japan, I knew nothing. Leaving Lexis after attenindg for only 2 weeks, I now know more Japanese than I thought I would learn in a month, let alone 7 days. Lexis Japan have amazing staff who are not only great teachers but helpful friends as well. Their generosity is much appreciated, expecially towards those with limited experience in Japan (like me!). My homestay family that I have been living with for two weeks are very kind and willing to show me Japan’s unique culture. They kept my interests in mind and as a result I have had the best first time in Japan! Sarah “

【日本語訳 Japanese Translation】



レクシスジャパンでの日本語コース受講後、近大付属高校で日本人高校生たちと楽しい2週間を過ごしたBethanyとSarahはすでにオーストラリアに戻っています。一生の思い出になる(オーストラリアの)春休みだったのではないでしょうか? After graduationg from Lexis Japan, Bethany and Sarah spent another 2 weeks at Kindai High School and enjoyed Japanese high school life with local Japanese students. They are now back in Australia and we are sure they are missing the time here!


(※近大付属高校初日の様子です。新しいホストファミリーと、学校内でのパートナーに会いました First day at Kindai High School, meeting new host family and language partners)


At the moment, we have some high school students from Thailand having a great time here. Lexis Japan offers life-changing experiences for all the students out there! Please join our program next year!


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