After class activity -Tea Ceremony 茶道体験☆


Last Friday’s after class activity was Tea Ceremony!

Lexis JapanのRikaの指導の下、大勢の生徒さんが参加してくれました。皆さん茶道道具の名前を声に出して言いながら興味深々、、、と思っていたら、以前日本語の授業の中で茶道の勉強をしたので道具の名前を覚えていたそうです!素晴らしいですね!

Under the guidance of Rika from Lexis Japan, many of the students joined the activity. Everyone seemed to be interested in the materials of the Tea Ceremony, sometimes saying each equipment’s name out loud…and we figured out that many of the students have already learned the names of the materials during  Japanese class! It’s amazing that they remembered it!

Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 1Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 2


They struggled with the Japanese “Seiza” style (sitting on your knees), but they all did an excellent job in the “Taking” and “Giving” movement of the teacake.

Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 6Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 3


We heard some laughs from several groups. It seemed that by accident, the host put too much matcha powder in to the cup. The guest had a bitter smile when they found this out, but they made a “Zuzuzu!” sound and sipped the whole matcha tea. Most of them got used to sitting with the “Seiza” style, and ended up sitting in a professional form.

Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 4Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 5


All the students learned very fast and their Tea Ceremony manners were great. We all had a wonderful and fun activity time!



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