Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 今週の修了者と入学者



Spring is breezing in the air in Japan! In Japan, Spring is the season for meeting new friends, but at the same time leaving the old… meaning a time to say goodbye.

Last Friday, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to 4 students… Stewart san, Wendell san, Kai san from the United States, and Elias san from Germany. These outgoing students were all hard workers during class, and also tried speaking in Japanese with the staff even out of class.

Lexis Japan Graduation1Lexis Japan Graduation2Lexis Japan Graduation3Lexis Japan Graduation4

彼らが参加した最後のJapanese Plus の授業では、食べ物や文化などを紹介する時に使用する「表現方法」について学びました。各チームに分かれてそれぞれ別の日本の地域を担当し、学んだ表現方法を用いながら発表していました。

During the last period of their Japanese Plus class, they learned about Japanese expressions which can be used while introducing food, culture, etc.  They got into groups, and each team researched a certain place in Japan and used the expressions to introduce the area.

Lexis Japan Graduation6


After they gathered information about the area they have selected, they not only expressed this information in Japanese, but also asked questions to each other in Japanese, too. Until the last moment of the class, they shared their thoughts and knowledge of the Japanese culture with each other! Even after they go back to their home country, we hope they will continue on with studying Japanese and meet their goals one day!

Lexis Japan Graduation5


It is extremely sad that we will not be able to see their big smiles, but because this is the start of each of their new life, all Lexis Japan staff members will be cheering for them! We hope to see you all again!


We cannot forget that Spring is also the time of meeting new friends! Yesterday, Lexis Japan welcomed 2 new students – Thomas san from Switzerland, Michel san from France.

Lexis Japan New Students1


We went for a Kobe tour in the afternoon! We hope they enjoy learning Japanese in beautiful Kobe!

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