Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


It’s springtime in Kobe! Sakura is blooming beautifully all over Japan. During this beautiful season, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to two students last week.


Last Friday was graduation for Aeron san from the United States, and Chantal san from France.

Lexisjapan Graduation5Lexisjapan Graduation4


Aeron san will be going back to the United States to work once again as an aircraft mechanic. Even at school, he talked to the staff in Japanese about the aircrafts and how he loved his work. Chantal san is from the Nice region of France, and we remember how she told us about her Japanese friend who lives in Nice. It was great to hear that she decided to study Japanese because she became good friends with her and wanted to learn more about Japanese culture.

Lexisjapan Speech3Lexisjapan Speech1


Aeron san and Chantal san did great with their last Japanese speech as well! We hope they will never forget the experience at Lexis, and we wish to see them again, soon!

Lexisjapan Graduation7


This week, Lexis Japan welcomed 6 new students – James san and Nina san from Australia, Janterb san, Sahopol san, Punnapat san from Thailand, and Edson san from Brazil. Yesterday, the support agent for the Thai students also came to visit us!

Lexisjapan New Faces


We went for a Kobe Tour yesterday, and it seemed that they were all interested in the Anime shop. We hope they will learn a lot about Japanese language and culture during their stay in Kobe!


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