Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


Hello, from Kobe! Recently Kobe has gotten very warm, and as a Japanese, it’s even hot! For some students at Lexis Japan who came from warm areas, it seems like Kobe is still cold… climate difference! During this warm (cold?) season, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to four students last week.


Last Friday was graduation for Simon san and Stefan san from Switzerland, Ivan san from Belgium, and Antonio san from Italy.

Lexisjapan Graduation5Lexisjapan Graduation7Lexisjapan Graduation6Lexisjapan Graduation8


Simon san will be heading for a West Japan trip with his father, but he said he would love to come back to Kobe again! For Stefan san, this was his second time to learn at Lexis Japan, but he wishes to come back again next year. Ivan san looks shy at first, but he is actually outgoing and joined many of the after class activities. Antonio san taught us about Italian music during his last Japanese speech, and he even sang a song for us!

Lexisjapan Japanese Speech9Lexisjapan Graduation10


We had a great time together from start to finish. When they go back to their country, we hope they will share their experience at Lexis Japan and Kobe with their families and friends!


We are happy to announce that two new students have joined us!

Lexisjapan New Faces


Jim san from the United States, and Henry san from Germany started their first day at Lexis Japan yesterday. Unfortunately it rained, but we enjoyed our Kobe tour! We hope they will have a great experience here in Kobe.


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