Recent Activities, Graduation, and New Faces 最近のアクティビティ&修了者と入学者


Last Thursday, the students at Lexis Japan went to the Nunobiki Falls for the after class activity. The Nunobiki Falls is located not so far away from the city area of Kobe, and it was quite an adventure! Lexis Japan Activity1Lexis Japan Activity2


The next day, we had to say goodbye to three students. It was graduation time for Nicole san from Switzerland, Michel san from France, and Jim san from the United States.

Lexis Japan Graduation3Lexis Japan Graduation2Lexis Japan Graduation1Lexis Japan Graduation4


Everyone who experienced learning at Lexis Japan mentions, “Kobe is a great place! It’s not as crowded as Tokyo, and also very convenient.”  Nicole san, Michel san, and Jim san seemed to feel the same way about Kobe, too. We look forward to seeing you once again in this beautiful city of Kobe!


We are happy to announce that four new students have joined us!

Lexis Japan New Faces


Dacil san, Nicolas san, and Nino san from Switzerland, and Victor san from the United States started their first day at Lexis Japan yesterday! Before we took this photo, they asked questions in Japanese, trying to get to know each other. Great start, everyone!

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