Last Week’s Sakura Mochi Making and Graduation, This Week’s New Faces 桜餅作り&修了者と入学者


Hello everyone! Last week, we made a traditional Japanese food called “Sakura mochi” for the after class activity! It is a popular sweet consisting of pink colored rice cake with a red bean paste inside, and wrapped with a pickled Sakura leaf.

Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 3Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 4Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi2


The students who already knew Sakura mochi said, “I love Sakura mochi!!” but for those who didn’t, they seemed to be a bit suspicious about the salty pickled leaf… Yet, after eating it for the first time, they all liked it!

Lexis Japan Jenga

Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 6Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 7Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 5


The students also played Jenga while we waited for the mochi to soften. Everyone had so much fun making Sakura mochi and playing Jenga, and we will definitely do this again next year!


Last week was also graduation time for seven students – Punn san, Un san, Ja san from Thailand, Nina san, James san from Australia, Yves san from Belgium, and Dacil san from Switzerland.

Lexisjapan Graduation1Lexisjapan Graduation2

一度にたくさんの生徒が卒業されると、とっても寂しいですが… 新たなスタートでもありますし、また会えると信じて皆さんを応援しています!それぞれの国へ帰っても、神戸の事、レクシスジャパンでの経験を忘れないでくださいね!

Having so many students graduating at one time makes us so sad:(  We hope they will never forget the experience at Lexis, and we wish to see them again, soon!


This week, three new students joined Lexis Japan! Jonathan san from France, Runchana san from Thailand, and Markus san from Germany.

Lexis Japan New Students.JPG


They will be joining their first Japanese class today, and afterwards we will head for the Kobe tour!

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