Last Week’s Graduation, This Weeks New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


Last Friday, we had to say goodbye to ten students. It was graduation time for Randal san, Pascal san, Markus san, Coralie san, Noemi san, Liniker san, Victor san, Lukas san, Tiziano san, and Romain san.

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The students all went back to their home countries – Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, the United States, Germany, and France. Every time we have graduations, it makes us realise that so many students are here at Lexis Japan from all over the world.


It is extremely sad to have so many students graduating at one time, but because this is the start of their new life, all Lexis Japan staff members will be cheering for them! We hope to see you all again!

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After the graduation, we had our Meetup at the Meriken Park in Kobe! Not only did we enjoy the picnic, but we also loved the songs played by our students. The students here are so talented!

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This week, we have three new starters!

Lexis Japan22


They are Maria san from Spain, and Thomas san and Timothy san from Switzerland! We hope they will have a wonderful adventure in Kobe!


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