Last Week’s Graduation, This Week’s New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


We had to say farewell to two students last Friday. They were Manuela san from Germany, and Maria san from Spain. Congratulations, Manuela san and Maria san! We hope to see you again in Kobe!Lexis Japan 1Lexis Japan 2


We are happy to announce the new starters of this week! From the United States, we have Edward san, Adele san, Jeffrey san, and David san. From France, we have Xavier san and Frederique san. Last but not least, we have Mohammad san from Kuwait! Please enjoy your journey at Lexis Japan!

Lexis Japan 7.JPG


Recently, we went to the Ikuta Shrine for the after class activity. The Ikuta Shrine has English Omikuji, which are fortune tellers, so the students chose their Omikujis for their first time! They seemed anxious while reading their fortune… but we had so much fun!

Lexis Japan9Lexis Japan 10Lexis Japan 12Lexis JapanLexis Japan 11


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