Meet Up “BLACK & WHITE Party” @Bar Bell

毎月恒例のMeet Upを先週金曜日に行いました!
今回の会場はこれまでも何度かお世話になっているBar Bellさんで、三宮にあるこじんまりとした素敵なバーです。
今回のテーマは「BLACK & WHITE」。正装ではありませんが、皆さん黒と白の服でクールにキメてやってきました!

Hello guys!
We held a Meet Up on the 30th of June that we do on a monthly basis. The venue this time was “Bar Bell” where we have been several times for the same event. It is a cosy and nice bar. We appreciate all the staff at Bar Bell for letting us use your place as always.
The theme this time was  “BLACK & WHITE”.
Everybody came to the bar dressed up very well in black and white clothes, though they were not formal at all.


Bell barについてまもなくしたら、バーはもう人でいっぱいに!Lexis Japanの留学生はもちろんのこと、CELTAコースの先生や、英語クラスの生徒さんなど、たくさんの方が参加してくれました。たまたま通りかかった地元の人やバーの常連さんまでも加わってくださって、この大盛況に私たちスタッフも感謝!

Soon after we arrived at the bar, it became very crowded. A lot of people such as the teachers from the CELTA course and English class students joined us, not to mention the international students . And even local people who happened to find this event joined us. Lexis Japan staff were very thankful for this great success.





Some people seemed to be a little nervous at first, but they soon opened up to each other as they had drinks together. And some of them who met that day for the first time promised to keep in touch in the future. They seemed to be old friends already.

留学生たちもたくさんの一般の方と日本語を話すことができてよい勉強、そして経験になりましたね。Lexis JapanのMeet Upでは、英語圏からの留学生はもちろんのこと、中国語、ドイツ語、フランス語、イタリア語、スペイン語を母国語とする留学生が参加致します。英語以外にも他の言語や文化に興味ある方は是非お越しくださいね!

At this event it was a great opportunity for the international students to practice Japanese with the local people there.
At the Lexis Japan Meet up, you can meet international friends whose mother languages are English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish etc etc… If you have an interest in foreign languages and cultures, please join our Meet Up event!



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