This Week’s New Faces & Kobe Tour 今週の入学者&神戸ツアー


Hello everyone!
It’s hot every day, so please be careful not to get heat stroke.
For the prevention of heat stroke, “drinking water” and “avoiding heat ” are important!


We are happy to announce that 7 new students joined Lexis Japan this week!

Lexis Japan 10072017 starters


Julina san from Germany, Lucie san from France, Yves san from Switzerland, Jules san from France, Sam san from the Netherlands, Fabio san from Brazil, and Jason san from Taiwan joined us.
It is fabulous that we can welcome a lot of students from all over the world.


After the first lessons, we held a “Kobe Tour” that we do on a weekly basis as always.

Lexis Japan KobeTour3


In Daiso, a 100 yen shop, Jordi san, who missed the Kobe Tour last Monday and joined us this time, found a Yoga Mat . Lexis Japan staff encouraged him to buy it , saying “You definitely should get that because it is just 100 yen and very cheap!”.
So he decided to buy it and went to the checkout counter.
However it turned out that the yoga mat cost 400 yen and he ended up paying for it. Sorry Jordi san! (But 400 yen is still cheap, isn’t it?)
What we learned today is this, “Daiso also has some items which are not just 100 yen.”
From now on, let’s make sure of the price, just in case!

Lexis Japan KobeTour1

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