After class Activity for TAP 手塚治虫記念館



Hello everyone !
Today is another blisteringly hot summer’s day. Were summers in Kobe always this hot???

As we announced in the previous post, the “Teen Activity Program” has started from this week at Lexis Japan. We would like to share an activity that we did this Thursday.



After lessons in the morning, we went to Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum located in Takarazuka-city. Tezuka Osamu is a manga author and creator of many of the first Japanese animations and he is called “The God of manga”.  It is no exaggeration to say that everybody in Japan knows his name and works. Especially,  “Astro Boy” is very famous and popular.
Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum was established as a place to broaden the hopes and dreams of children and youth based on his life-long theme “Love for Nature” and “Respect to Life” .
Once entering the museum, visitors can enjoy Tezuka’s Manga World through his works as well the experience of making animations by themselves.


First of all, we watched an original animation at Atom-vision. The ceiling was covered with various characters used in manga and they are very beautiful!
Then they went to the Animation Workshop and experienced animated characters that they drew on  physical paper.  Good Job!



Lastly we went to the library and museum shop.  At the library, you can read Tezuka’s series of manga and related books. There are also books in foreign languages.
At the museum shop, you can get original items. Don’t miss out on this chance while you are in Kobe if you are a fan of him. Even if you don’t know his works at all, you will enjoy this fantastic museum for sure!


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