Graduation and New Faces  修了生と入学生


Hello everyone!
It is the middle of summer here in Kobe now, how are you enjoying this hot weather?
We are sorry for the late update but we had to say goodbye to two students last Friday ( July 14th ). It was graduation time for Lydia san from Spain and David san from Austria.





Following last year’s course, Lydia san took the course this year. So she may even take a further course next year!?
Although  it was a short period that David san stayed in Kobe, he seemed to enjoy himself all the time. We are very happy to see his big smile.
We look forward to seeing you once again in the beautiful city of Kobe!


We are delighted to announce that fourteen new students have joined us this week!

Lexis Japan - 18072017 Starters Group Photo



Alex san from Denmark, Laura san and Amandine san and Lea san from France, Wendy san and Michelle san from Switzerland, Sara san from Czech Republic, and Emily san and Cheng-Che san from Taiwan. Amandine san took the course last year, and Sara san also took it the year before.  And Michelle san amazingly has taken it three years in a row.
Besides normal courses, the “Teen Activity Program” has started from this week at Lexis Japan. People in the front row are the members.  Romain san and Thibault san and Eudes san from France, Veronika san from Russia, and Lucia san from Mexico started the program. It is the second time for Romain san and Thibault san to join this program. In the program, they are going to do a lot of activities as well as Japanese lessons so that they can immerse themselves into Japanese culture. We hope they will enjoy each activity and learning Japanese!!

Every day, Lexis Japan is full of students who have come from all over the world! It is a very nice opportunity not only for practising Japanese but also for international exchanges, so we hope they will make a lot of friends here!

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