Recent Graduation and New Faces 最近の修了生と入学生


Hello everyone!!
We can hear the cicadas buzzing every day and some students are gradually getting tanned.
Please make sure you all stay hydrated!

For the last few weeks, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to a lot of students .


They were always getting along with each other very well.  They often went to karaoke, cafés, Izakayas, and even to Arima Onsen at the weekend. Please keep in touch with each other in the future!





We would like you all to share with your families and friends about the new friends you made from all over the world, what you experienced here in Kobe, Japanese culture you learned, and so on.
We hope they will continue to study Japanese after they get back to their own countries.
And we would love to talk with them about many things if they have a chance to come back to Japan some day. (Of course in Japanese! )

And we welcomed many students likewise.

Lexis Japan - 31072017


We are going to hold a lot of school activities as always! You might be busy with sightseeing, but we hope you will join them as well and make lots of friends!
And please use as much Japanese as possible in your everyday lives so that you can practise the Japanese you learned in the classes!


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