Recent Activities 最近のアクティビティ



We would like to share some activities that we did last month.

The students at Lexis Japan went to Nunobiki Falls for the after class activity the other day.  Nunobiki Falls is located not so far from the city area of Kobe and it is completely surrounded by nature and so much beauty and silence that they couldn’t believe they were very close to downtown Kobe.




If you get stuck speaking Japanese, how about going to the Nunobiki Falls? You will get positive energy for sure and might come up with good inspiration as well.




We also went to Harborland which is a seaside spot and only a 15-minute walk from the school.
At Harborland, there is a big shopping mall called “umie” as well as Meriken Park and Kobe Port Tower, so you can spend all day there. It is a trendy spot where a lot of new shops open day by day.



We do school activities not only outside for sightseeing but also at Lexis Japan for Japanese cultural experience. Shodo (Japanese calligraphy), tea ceremony, and sushi making are very popular among students.
It is very difficult to master these activities, but the procedure itself is simple, so even beginners can enjoy all the processes.



Sushi making




Tea ceremony




Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)



Hanko(Japanese seal) making




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