Recent Graduation and New Faces 最近の修了生と入学生


Hello everyone!!
The season is turning to Autumn day by day.
The long Summer vacation for students (except university students) finally ends in Japan.  Did you make a lot of nice summer memories?


For the last few weeks, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to a lot of students .
So many people learned Japanese here at Lexis Japan this summer and we could see how well they improved their Japanese day by day in such a short period. The students always looked very busy going out for sightseeing and hanging out with classmates after lessons, but at the same time they studied Japanese very hard!  That’s amazing and Lexis Japan’s staff are really proud of them.







Amazingly, some students joined the graduation ceremony in yukata. It looks amazing on you guys!
We think everybody enjoyed this summer a lot because there were a lot of summer events such as fireworks, playing in the sea, and summer festivals. This upcoming Autumn is a perfect season for reading. Let’s read a lot of books!

And we welcomed new students as always.



New students _フランチェスカさん、ルイスさん、ソフィーさん、ナオミさん


We hope they will have a great experience here in Kobe.



with a local guide at the observation deck of Kobe city hall



And we went to the observation deck of Kobe city hall the other day. It’s a very good idea for new students who have not gotten used to the city to see the whole landscape of Kobe from there in order to understand the geography.  While Kobe is a city town which is a perfect size and very convenient to live in, it is also surrounded by the mountains and the sea. In fact, Kobe is a suitable location for seeing trendy many things of Japan and experiencing seasonal events.  At the observation deck, there is a guide who knows about Kobe very well, so you will be able to get some secret information on Kobe that even local people don’t know. This must be a good opportunity to practise your  Japanese and to see how local Japanese people speak Japanese. Please ask lots of questions to the guide!

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