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Hello everyone!!
It is in the middle of September now which is a seasonal turning point to Autumn in Japan. It means the start of the typhoon season! Just two days ago, a heavy storm with high winds occurred in Kobe like other regions in Japan. The sky is generally very sunny after a typhoon passes through. So it has been lovely weather for the past few days.

We went to Ikuta Shrine the other day, which is ten-minute walk away from the school.
Ikuta Shrine is an ancient shrine with over 1,800 years of history. Since it is located in the central part of an urban area in Kobe, many people, as well as athletes and artists have visited in recent years.



You wash your hands to purify yourself before worshiping at the shrine.


You make your wishes from your heart after giving small change to the offering box

From outside, Ikuta Shrine looks like a small local shrine, but if you go inside, you will see it to be a fairly decent sized shrine, with a small forest (wooded area) in the back of the main hall,  named “Ikuta Forest”. This forest is also popular as a spiritual place, as well as Ikuta Shrine itself.

After worshipping at the shrine, we did “mizu mikuji” which is probably the most popular attraction of Ikuta Shrine for visitors. This is about fortunes that mysteriously appear on paper when placed into the sacred pools of water.


↓こんな感じに紙に文字が出てきます↓ Your fortunes appear on the paper like this.


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You leave the fortune slip at the shrine by tying it to the tree (to protect yourself if you get an unlucky one). If you get the best fortune, you take it with you so that you can be with the fortune all the time.


It is said that the water deities know all, and that their readings are remarkably accurate. Believe it or not, it’s worth a try anyway! Be sure not to miss this rare chance when you come to visit Ikuta Shrine!



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