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Hello Everyone!

It has been raining on and off for the last few days here in Kobe. How are you doing? In this sort of weather it is a perfect time to learn languages and read books at home instead of going out. Until quite recently, people were wearing summer clothes but now we can see people wearing coats or even down jackets! Be careful not to catch a cold.


We are happy to announce our new students!
They are Geoffroy san from Switzerland, Lisanne san and Martin san from Germany, Julie san from Australia, and Dominique san from Canada.
This is the second time for Dominique san to take a course at Lexis Japan. We are delighted to see him again. Other new students could get some good information about Kobe from him and we hope they will have a great experience here.


Next we would like to share some activities we recently did.
The other day we made Daifuku at the Lexis lounge.



They were struggling with the process, but they managed to complete it! The process is simple but not what they do on a daily basis, so it must have been difficult!  Lexis Staff hope they will teach their friends and families how to make it after they go back to their countries.



We went to Nunobiki Falls for the after class activity last Friday.  Nunobiki Falls is close to the city area of Kobe, but it is completely surrounded by nature and so much beauty and silence. It is a really good part of Kobe where you can find such beautiful nature by hiking for just 15 minutes. They got a lot of positive energy by breathing deeply. So they can do their best with their studies next week.

Next time how about climbing up Mount Rokko at the weekend?



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