Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


Hello everyone!
A big typhoon struck Japan last weekend, and it seemed that the typhoon this time caused a lot of damage in the Kansai district. Were you guys all right??
But there is only one good thing related to typhoons (it might not be appropriate to say this now, though…) As you may know, after a typhoon passes through, we get brilliant weather! Clear blue skies spread! (By the way, we call this natural phenomenon “Taifuikka” in Japanese.  It is worth remembering for those who are learning Japanese.)
And rainbows appear more often than not in many places, and if you are lucky, you could see a double rainbow. It is said that a double rainbow is considered a sign of good fortune, so why don’t you look for it next time?

Let’s get down to the main topic then. Lexis Japan had to say farewell to five students last Friday. We’ll miss you guys!!


We went to a lot of places and did various things together for the school activities. The memories of the fun activities rushed back upon us. It was really nice that we had opportunities for talking with them about many things.  We believe they enjoyed staying in Kobe and studying at Lexis Japan.  Please keep on studying Japanese!

Lexis JapanNew Students 2017_1023.JPG

We are happy to announce that three new students have joined us!
We hope they will join our activities and get along with other students.


According to the weather forecast, another typhoon is coming! Again! Take care and stay safe!


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