Recent Graduation, New Faces, and School Activities最近の修了者、入学者、アクティビティ

Hello everyone!
It has been cold lately, but I do hope that you have been doing well.
A funny thing in this season is that some overseas students do not even wear jackets, not to mention coats, in spite of this cold weather. It indicates how different we sense the temperature, doesn’t it?
And December is coming, how time flies!


A lot of students finished their courses and lots of new students have started their lessons this month.
Since we offer part-time classes which finish at 12:15 as well as full-time ones, we often see part-time students studying Japanese very hard until quite late at the Lexis lounge after finishing their morning lessons.  Some people think we should recommend that they go out to visit some sightseeing spots and try to make the most of their time, and in fact we do a variety of kinds of school activities both indoor and outdoor. But we also believe that this way of spending time focusing on one thing is very important and essential when you really want to pick up something new. Immersion in your target area for a certain period is a good experience after all.
So please keep studying!




Graduation 2017/11/17


Graduation 2017/11/24

And we welcomed new students.  In Kobe there are a lot of Christmas events in December. Surely they will have fun.  Lexis Japan is planning to hold some special activities for this season next month. You can’t miss it!

そして新しい留学生をお迎えしました。神戸では12月にたくさんのクリスマスイベントが行われます。 楽しめることまちがいなしです! レクシスジャパンではこの季節のために特別なアクテビティを計画中です。お見逃しなく!

Staeter _20171120

New Students 2017/11/13

Here are some activities we did recently.



Japanese Cutting Techniques “Kazarigiri”



They learned cutting techniques that we call “Kazarigiri”. A very delicate process is needed but it looked like they enjoyed themselves very much.




at City Hall Observation Desk



We went to City Hall Observation Desk. It is just 10 minutes walk from Lexis. If it is sunny enough, you can see the city of Osaka as well as Kobe. Beautiful!!

Well then, keep warm and take good care of yourself.

And let’s enjoy winter!





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