Recommended museums in Kobe / 神戸のおすすめ博物館 – Part 1 –


A brief recommendation of museums available in Kobe

Kobe is a culturally rich port city with both a pristine urban centre and a beautiful surrounding natural environment. Here is a selection of the most interesting and memorable museums of offer.

The Great Hanshin – Awaji Earthquake Memorial

This carefully arranged museum takes the form of guided exploration. In it we see the  aftermath of an event that partially destroyed the city. The disaster of 1995 is explained by use of a disturbing simulation of the event which gives an initial shock to the senses. Later, the victim’s reactions to the earthquake and their subsequent loss of homes and loved ones is explored in greater detail by a film.
Nonetheless, the most revealing part is the room with described artefacts taken from the wreckage. For example, the damaged flute *in a perfectly preserved case’ which belonged to the daughter of a man who{s daughter would have died had she not decided to leave her bed moments before. It gives a human element to the catastrophe rather than understanding the event as a mere statistic of 6,000 lost lives. The museum is reasonably priced at 600 yen and the museum assistant were helpful but unobtrusive.





この博物館はガイド付きで中を巡ります。その中で私達は部分的に都市を破壊した出来事の余波を見ます。 1995年の災害は、衝撃を与えたあの出来事のシミュレーションを使用しながら説明されています。後に、地震に対する被害者の反応とそれに続く家や愛する人の喪失について、映像で詳しく説明されています。



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