Recommended museums in Kobe / 神戸のおすすめ博物館 – Part 2 –


A brief recommendation of museums available in Kobe.

The Kiku Masamiune Sake Museum

The museum comprises of three separate downstairs sections, there is a miniature cinema which explains the brewing process, an exhibition room which has the equipment used in sake production and finally a tasting room to sample sake and decide which would make the most fitting souvenir. The methodical approach to brewing which has remained unaltered since the Edo period is shown in its painstaking details. From the initial washing of the rice to the careful fermentation process with its precision regarding timing and temperature. What is particularly interesting is the hineri mocha or the squeezing and cooling of the rice and how it is carried out. Outside the museum is a beautifully kept garden with an active watermill which can be heard from inside. The museum is free of charge, however, I think it would be impossible to resist buying sake from the tasting room.




博物館は3つの別々の階下の場所で構成されており、醸造プロセスを説明するミニチュア映画館、酒製造に使用される装置が置かれた展示室、そして最後にお酒を試飲して、どれが最もふさわしいお土産になるかを比べられます。 江戸時代から変わっていない醸造へのアプローチ方法が詳細に示されています。正確なタイミングと温度で、米の最初の洗浄から慎重な発酵プロセスまで。特におもしろいのは、お米のひねりや絞りと冷却、そしてそれがどのように行われるかです。美術館の外には、内側にまでも音が聞こえてくる水車小屋のある美しい庭園があります。 美術館は無料ですが、試飲室でお酒を買わずにはいられませんね。



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