We support INAC Kobe Leonessa in 2020!

It is such a pleasure to support INAC Kobe Leonessa which is a women’s top football team as a language training supplier for 2020 season !

Lexis Japanでは、2020年シーズンもランゲージトレーニングサプライヤーとして、INAC Kobe Leonessaの選手・スタッフの皆さまに英語・日本語レッスンをご提供させて頂くことになりました。

Aya Sameshima(DF) joined her first private lesson with trainer Tracy tonight!


She was one of the members from the National team called Nadeshiko Japan in 2011 when they won the Women’s World Cup in Germany.


We hope that many more players from INAC will join our English lessons and improve their skills in English!


We look forward to INAC having their kicking off their new season very soon! As you know in the crisis situation at the moment, their first match of the season has been postponed.



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