CELTA Course

Lexis TESOL Training Centres – Japan is happy to announce our first Cambridge CELTA course!

  • Study mode: Full-time, face-to-face
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Start date: November 7th 2016
  • Price: 250,000yen (including the Cambridge moderation fee of $250)
  • Opening Special Rate for November 2017 Intake

Want more information or an application form? Contact Dave (dfox@lexisenglish.com)


The CELTA with LTTC Japan

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
Our four-week full-time initial teacher training courses lead to the award of the internationally recognised certificate. The Cambridge certificate is an essential first step in a career in TEFL. Successful participants will be able to use this qualification to teach in schools in the world.

About the Cambridge CELTA

Course Contents

  • Provides a minimum of 120 contact hours between tutors and trainees involving input, tutorial support, supervised lesson planning, feedback, and peer observation.
  • Requires the submission by each candidate of a portfolio of work including materials related to teaching practice and written assignments.
  • Includes six hours of assessed teaching practice per trainee.
  • Includes six hours of classroom observation of experienced ELT professionals.

The course follows the Cambridge CELTA syllabus. Teaching techniques are practised by the course participants in regular teaching practice sessions with adult students of English. An overview of the topics covered:

  • The general principles and techniques of teaching and learning a foreign language
  • The English language: linguistic form, function, meaning and phonology
  • Teaching and learning the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Classroom techniques: presentation, practice, checking learning, error analysis, correction, classroom management, group work and pair work
  • Lesson planning; course planning; timetables
  • Different learning and teaching styles at adult level, adult learners’ motivations and learning styles
  • Other factors that affect learning such as adult literacy
  • The evaluation and use of published and non-published resources and materials along with learning how to adapt authentic materials into concrete learning tools.
  • Professional development: evaluating one’s own strengths and weaknesses, preparing to become a teacher, colleague and employee

The full syllabus can be found at www.cambridgeesol.org

レクシスジャパンでは2016年11月、ケンブリッジ大学認定のCELTA(The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)コース開講が決定しました。

フルタイム(4週間)でCELTAコースを受講できるのは、日本ではLexis Japanだけです。全世界共通の「海外で英語を教えることができる国際資格」であり、日本でも英語講師の必要条件としてCELTA取得を掲げる語学学校が増えてきています。CELTAコース受講には高度な英語力が必要ですが、もちろん日本人も受講可能です。詳しくは、info@lexisjapan.comまでお問合せください。