Last Week’s Sakura Mochi Making and Graduation, This Week’s New Faces 桜餅作り&修了者と入学者


Hello everyone! Last week, we made a traditional Japanese food called “Sakura mochi” for the after class activity! It is a popular sweet consisting of pink colored rice cake with a red bean paste inside, and wrapped with a pickled Sakura leaf.

Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 3Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 4Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi2


The students who already knew Sakura mochi said, “I love Sakura mochi!!” but for those who didn’t, they seemed to be a bit suspicious about the salty pickled leaf… Yet, after eating it for the first time, they all liked it!

Lexis Japan Jenga

Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 6Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 7Lexis Japan Sakura Mochi 5


The students also played Jenga while we waited for the mochi to soften. Everyone had so much fun making Sakura mochi and playing Jenga, and we will definitely do this again next year!


Last week was also graduation time for seven students – Punn san, Un san, Ja san from Thailand, Nina san, James san from Australia, Yves san from Belgium, and Dacil san from Switzerland.

Lexisjapan Graduation1Lexisjapan Graduation2

一度にたくさんの生徒が卒業されると、とっても寂しいですが… 新たなスタートでもありますし、また会えると信じて皆さんを応援しています!それぞれの国へ帰っても、神戸の事、レクシスジャパンでの経験を忘れないでくださいね!

Having so many students graduating at one time makes us so sad:(  We hope they will never forget the experience at Lexis, and we wish to see them again, soon!


This week, three new students joined Lexis Japan! Jonathan san from France, Runchana san from Thailand, and Markus san from Germany.

Lexis Japan New Students.JPG


They will be joining their first Japanese class today, and afterwards we will head for the Kobe tour!

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Recent Activities, Graduation, and New Faces 最近のアクティビティ&修了者と入学者


Last Thursday, the students at Lexis Japan went to the Nunobiki Falls for the after class activity. The Nunobiki Falls is located not so far away from the city area of Kobe, and it was quite an adventure! Lexis Japan Activity1Lexis Japan Activity2


The next day, we had to say goodbye to three students. It was graduation time for Nicole san from Switzerland, Michel san from France, and Jim san from the United States.

Lexis Japan Graduation3Lexis Japan Graduation2Lexis Japan Graduation1Lexis Japan Graduation4


Everyone who experienced learning at Lexis Japan mentions, “Kobe is a great place! It’s not as crowded as Tokyo, and also very convenient.”  Nicole san, Michel san, and Jim san seemed to feel the same way about Kobe, too. We look forward to seeing you once again in this beautiful city of Kobe!


We are happy to announce that four new students have joined us!

Lexis Japan New Faces


Dacil san, Nicolas san, and Nino san from Switzerland, and Victor san from the United States started their first day at Lexis Japan yesterday! Before we took this photo, they asked questions in Japanese, trying to get to know each other. Great start, everyone!

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Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


Hello, from Kobe! Recently Kobe has gotten very warm, and as a Japanese, it’s even hot! For some students at Lexis Japan who came from warm areas, it seems like Kobe is still cold… climate difference! During this warm (cold?) season, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to four students last week.


Last Friday was graduation for Simon san and Stefan san from Switzerland, Ivan san from Belgium, and Antonio san from Italy.

Lexisjapan Graduation5Lexisjapan Graduation7Lexisjapan Graduation6Lexisjapan Graduation8


Simon san will be heading for a West Japan trip with his father, but he said he would love to come back to Kobe again! For Stefan san, this was his second time to learn at Lexis Japan, but he wishes to come back again next year. Ivan san looks shy at first, but he is actually outgoing and joined many of the after class activities. Antonio san taught us about Italian music during his last Japanese speech, and he even sang a song for us!

Lexisjapan Japanese Speech9Lexisjapan Graduation10


We had a great time together from start to finish. When they go back to their country, we hope they will share their experience at Lexis Japan and Kobe with their families and friends!


We are happy to announce that two new students have joined us!

Lexisjapan New Faces


Jim san from the United States, and Henry san from Germany started their first day at Lexis Japan yesterday. Unfortunately it rained, but we enjoyed our Kobe tour! We hope they will have a great experience here in Kobe.


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Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 先週の修了者と今週の入学者


It’s springtime in Kobe! Sakura is blooming beautifully all over Japan. During this beautiful season, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to two students last week.


Last Friday was graduation for Aeron san from the United States, and Chantal san from France.

Lexisjapan Graduation5Lexisjapan Graduation4


Aeron san will be going back to the United States to work once again as an aircraft mechanic. Even at school, he talked to the staff in Japanese about the aircrafts and how he loved his work. Chantal san is from the Nice region of France, and we remember how she told us about her Japanese friend who lives in Nice. It was great to hear that she decided to study Japanese because she became good friends with her and wanted to learn more about Japanese culture.

Lexisjapan Speech3Lexisjapan Speech1


Aeron san and Chantal san did great with their last Japanese speech as well! We hope they will never forget the experience at Lexis, and we wish to see them again, soon!

Lexisjapan Graduation7


This week, Lexis Japan welcomed 6 new students – James san and Nina san from Australia, Janterb san, Sahopol san, Punnapat san from Thailand, and Edson san from Brazil. Yesterday, the support agent for the Thai students also came to visit us!

Lexisjapan New Faces


We went for a Kobe Tour yesterday, and it seemed that they were all interested in the Anime shop. We hope they will learn a lot about Japanese language and culture during their stay in Kobe!


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5月開講 Cambridge CELT-S コース、締切間近! 6月開講Cambridge CELTAコース残席わずか!

2017年5月13日から日本初・ケンブリッジ大学認定のCELT-S(Certificate of English Language Teaching – Secondary) を開講します。これは、中学・高校生の年齢の学生を対象に、英語教育指導をする英語教師・英語指導者の方の為のコースです。


LTTC Japan - CELTA Course Classroom


ケンブリッジ大学から認定された英語講師トレーニングのプロが指導を行います。日本では初めて開講するコースで、多くの教育機関・英語指導者から注目を集めています。5月13日(土)スタートのCambridge CELT-Sコースは締切間近です。


5月スタート(8ヶ月プラン)の締切は、4月17日(月)です。定員残席ものこりわずかとなっていますので、お早目にお問い合わせください。(担当:中田 未央 Email :  ,  Tel: 078-331-0944)


2017年6月5日スタートのCambridge CELTAコースも、すでに半分以上の席が埋まっています。CELTAコースに関する詳細およびお申込みは、こちらからご確認ください。





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Last Week’s Graduation and This Week’s New Faces 今週の修了者と入学者



Spring is breezing in the air in Japan! In Japan, Spring is the season for meeting new friends, but at the same time leaving the old… meaning a time to say goodbye.

Last Friday, Lexis Japan had to say farewell to 4 students… Stewart san, Wendell san, Kai san from the United States, and Elias san from Germany. These outgoing students were all hard workers during class, and also tried speaking in Japanese with the staff even out of class.

Lexis Japan Graduation1Lexis Japan Graduation2Lexis Japan Graduation3Lexis Japan Graduation4

彼らが参加した最後のJapanese Plus の授業では、食べ物や文化などを紹介する時に使用する「表現方法」について学びました。各チームに分かれてそれぞれ別の日本の地域を担当し、学んだ表現方法を用いながら発表していました。

During the last period of their Japanese Plus class, they learned about Japanese expressions which can be used while introducing food, culture, etc.  They got into groups, and each team researched a certain place in Japan and used the expressions to introduce the area.

Lexis Japan Graduation6


After they gathered information about the area they have selected, they not only expressed this information in Japanese, but also asked questions to each other in Japanese, too. Until the last moment of the class, they shared their thoughts and knowledge of the Japanese culture with each other! Even after they go back to their home country, we hope they will continue on with studying Japanese and meet their goals one day!

Lexis Japan Graduation5


It is extremely sad that we will not be able to see their big smiles, but because this is the start of each of their new life, all Lexis Japan staff members will be cheering for them! We hope to see you all again!


We cannot forget that Spring is also the time of meeting new friends! Yesterday, Lexis Japan welcomed 2 new students – Thomas san from Switzerland, Michel san from France.

Lexis Japan New Students1


We went for a Kobe tour in the afternoon! We hope they enjoy learning Japanese in beautiful Kobe!

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After class activity -Tea Ceremony 茶道体験☆


Last Friday’s after class activity was Tea Ceremony!

Lexis JapanのRikaの指導の下、大勢の生徒さんが参加してくれました。皆さん茶道道具の名前を声に出して言いながら興味深々、、、と思っていたら、以前日本語の授業の中で茶道の勉強をしたので道具の名前を覚えていたそうです!素晴らしいですね!

Under the guidance of Rika from Lexis Japan, many of the students joined the activity. Everyone seemed to be interested in the materials of the Tea Ceremony, sometimes saying each equipment’s name out loud…and we figured out that many of the students have already learned the names of the materials during  Japanese class! It’s amazing that they remembered it!

Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 1Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 2


They struggled with the Japanese “Seiza” style (sitting on your knees), but they all did an excellent job in the “Taking” and “Giving” movement of the teacake.

Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 6Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 3


We heard some laughs from several groups. It seemed that by accident, the host put too much matcha powder in to the cup. The guest had a bitter smile when they found this out, but they made a “Zuzuzu!” sound and sipped the whole matcha tea. Most of them got used to sitting with the “Seiza” style, and ended up sitting in a professional form.

Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 4Lexis Japan Tea Ceremony 5


All the students learned very fast and their Tea Ceremony manners were great. We all had a wonderful and fun activity time!



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書道教室 The Calligraphy Class

昨日の金曜日の放課後アクティビティはみんなが楽しみにしていた「書道教室」でした。本日は、Lexis Twinの姉、未来が書道の先生を担当しました。
We had a Calligraphy class for the after-class activity yesterday. Today’s teacher was Miki the Lexis Twin sister – the older one!
9 international students participated in the calligraphy class. I told them, “Let’s write our names in Katakana today!”, everyone told me “It’s boring! Let’s do Kanji”. Great!

So, we used the Kanji that Katakana comes from. For example, Miki’s ”ミ”in Katakana is from the Kanji  “三(Three)” . Guess who is ” 八須加流”, the answer is Pascal “パスカル”san!

Everybody practiced very hard. Also, Reiko Sensei from the Intensive Japanese course came to help us. Thank you very much, Reiko sensei. There were some people who have never held a calligraphy brush before, but everybody did a great job!

Well done, Noemi san, Coralie san and Katie san!
Ivan san and Pascal san did a fantastic job as well!

Louis san and Yves san from A1 class tried very hard! Well done!
AND….. HEY, Aeron san and Marc san!!!! Those are the samples which I wrote for you!!

Lexis Japan Calligraphy 13

There are big windows at all of classrooms at Lexis Japan, so it was very warm! It was great to do the calligraphy with the lovely view of Kobe!

Lexis Japan Calligraphy 15

We enjoyed this activity a lot. Let’s do the Calligraphy again!
We are thinking of having an activity which involves writing  your name in Kanji in April. This time, we will think about the meaning of the Kanji, not only the sounds or the origin of Katakana. Please think about which Kanji you would like to use for your name by then!


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今週の入学者と先週の卒業者 Starters and Finishers



We are having a few warm days at the moment, which is so nice and I didn’t need to wipe  the window in my room to get rid of the condensation in these past couple of days!
People get excited and feel happiness when the weather is nice, and now we have 5 new students who will feel this “Happiness” from the spring weather.
Lexis Japan New students 6

左からオーストラリア人のルイスさん、フランス人のセリーンさん、アメリカ人のエーロンさん、ベルギー人のイヴさん、そして去年Lexis Japanで学ばれて戻ってきてくださったスイス人のステファンさんです。
From left, here are Louis san from Australia, Celine san from France, Aeron san from the United States, Yves san from Belgium and Stefan san from Switzerland who studied at Lexis Japan last year. Welcome to Lexis Japan, and welcome back to Lexis Japan, Stefan san!

そしてさみしいですが、先週2人の生徒さんがLexis Japanを卒業されました。
And it is very sad to see these 2 lovely ladies are leaving Lexis Japan…

スイス人のジャニンさんです。ジャニンさんは22週間、Lexis Japanで勉強されビギナーのA1レベルから初中級のB1までがんばりました!

Janine san from Switzerland studied at Lexis Japan for 22 weeks. She started from the Beginner Level A1, and now she is in the B1 Pre-Intermediate level! We are so proud of you!
Emilia san from the United States studied at Lexis Japan for 12 weeks. Her mother is Japanese, so her pronunciation is very natural. She also finished the B1 Pre-Intermediate level. Now she has decided to move to Tokyo, please keep studying Japanese there!

二人とも本当に明るくて、優しくて、いつも笑顔で、この二人がいなくてとてもさみしいですが、いつか絶対にLexis Japanに戻ってきてくださいね。待っています。
Both of them are very cheerful, funny, kind and always smile! We will miss you two a lot, but hopefully we will see you again soon at Lexis Japan!

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We visited the Okamoto Plum Park yesterday for the after-class activity. The coldness was back in these last couple of days, but we could see the plum flowers blooming. This famous plum park is about a 10-minute walk toward the Rokko Mountains from the JR Settsu Okamoto Station which is 13 minutes ride from JR Motomachi station.

There were fluffy light-pink plum trees, adorable-pink plum trees and passionate dark- pink plum trees!


The weather got better when we arrived at the park, it was a warm afternoon.
And I had a “Something always happens at Lexis Japan” moment! It is very funny and interesting for Japanese people, but 4 students from Switzerland were speaking in English(or Japanese, which is great because they are learning Japanese at the moment!). There are 4 official languages in Switzerland: Swiss-German, French, Italian and Romansh.
There are international students who have various mother languages at Lexis Japan, which is why Lexis Japan is a fun place to learn languages and make friends.


Marc san from Switzerland (by the way, he speaks French, Spanish, English, Italian, German and Japanese!!) loves Japan and Japanese culture. This is his 11th time to visit Japan, and he posed as “a Japanese girl” when I tried to take pictures of him! Arigato gozaimasu, Marc san!


It was a lovely and warm afternoon. The Cherry blossoms are coming after the plums and we are planning to hold the Lexis Japan Cherry blossom party, so please look forward to it.

Lexis Japan Plum 16

We enjoyed the park and each other’s company. Let’s do this again!

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Meet Up “The Red Party” @Bar Bell

毎月恒例のMeet Upイベントですが、第17回Lexis JapanのMeet Upイベントは、三宮にあるこじんまりとした素敵なバー、Bar Bellさんで開催しました!今回のテーマはバレンタインデーのある2月ということで「赤」。ドレスコードが「Your Best RED」のThe RED Partyでした!
We had the 17th Lexis Japan Meet Up on the 24th of February. This time’s theme was  “The Red party” and the dress code was “Your Best RED!!
We went to Bar Bell, thank you very much, Taka san for your help! And thank you all so much for joining our Meet Up event.

三宮でにぎわっている東門街にあるBar Bellさんに今回はお邪魔しましたが、バーテンダーのTakaさんが看板を出してくれていまていました!ありがとうございます。中には、この看板を見られてLexis JapanのMeet Upに参加してくださった方もいらっしゃいました。
The bar manager Taka put this billboard out, so some walk-in customers came to join us as well.

Lexis Japan the red party 9

赤い照明に赤いバラ、赤いオリジナルカクテルを用意してくださったTakaさんです。Takaさん、Bar Bellさんありがとうございます。Lexis Japanの留学生や生徒さんたちも大喜びでしたよ!
Red lights, red roses and the original Red cocktails were fantastic! We enjoyed the atmosphere at Bar Bell a lot.

Lexis Japan the red party 2

Lexis Japanの留学生、CELTAコースの先生や、生徒さん、Lexis Japan英語コースの生徒さんや、Evening Japanese Courseを取っている方々など、Bar Bellが満員になりましたね!外部からの参加者もたくさん来てくださいましてありがとうございます。

Bar Bell was really crowded with the International students, Japanese evening classes and English classes students and local people who joined the Lexis Japan Meet up Event. Thank you all for coming!


留学生たちもたくさんの一般の方と日本語を話すことができてよい勉強、そして経験になりましたね。Lexis JapanのMeet Upでは、英語圏からの留学生はもちろんのこと、中国語、ドイツ語、フランス語、イタリア語、スペイン語を母国語とする留学生が参加致します。英語以外にも他の言語や文化に興味ある方は是非お越しくださいね!

Especially it was a great opportunity for the international students to practice Japanese with the local people there.
At the Lexis Japan Meet up, you can meet international friends whose mother languages are English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and etc etc… If you have interest in foreign languages and cultures, please join our Meet Up event!

Lexis Japan Meet up March 31

次回は、3月31日(金)、元町の屋上BarであるThe Ember Roomで18:30より開催します。春が血がづいてきたので、今回のテーマは「Spring Has Sprung ”春が来た”」です。ドレスコードは”Your Best Spring”。 The Ember Roomに春を咲かせましょう!
ご不明点は、info@lexisjapan.comまでお気軽にお問合せください。では、次回のLexis Japan Meet Upイベントでお会いしましょう。

We will have the 18th Lexis Japan Meet Up event on the 31st of March from 6:30pm at the Ember Room.  The theme will be “Spring”. Dress code is “Your Best Spring”.

Please feel free to contact us on 078-31-0944 or if you have any questions!
Hopefully see you then at the Lexis Japan Meet Up event!

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今週の入学者 New Faces this week!

Lexis Japan -06032016 New students


It’s March, spring time! Lexis Japan welcomed 12 new students this week. Noemi, Coralie, Pascal, Marcos and Nathalia from Switzerland, Stewart and Wendell from the US, Nui from Thailand, Elias from Germany, Ivan from Belgium, Liniker from Brazil and Frederick from Canada!

Some of them struggled from the jet lag (typical first day thing here!) but they all enjoyed their first day!

Lexis Japan orientaion day 2Lexis Japan - orientation day 1



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今週の入学者 - New students this week



Today 3 new students started their 3 month course! Katie from Canada, Pei-Chun and Yu-Ya from Taiwan! It was such a lovely warm day! Great start!

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This week, Intensive Japanese Course students went on the activity to “animate + purikura”.  5 students in this purikura (photo sticker) are from 4 different countries! Can you tell where they are from?



正解は、スイス・ドイツ・台湾・アメリカです。世界中から留学に来ている生徒に出会えるのがレクシスジャパンの素敵なところです。今回は日本人の生徒さん(レクシスジャパンの英語コースの生徒さん)は参加されていませんが、英語コースの生徒さんも参加できます!世界中から来ている生徒と友達になれる、そんな素敵な語学学校がレクシスジャパンです。明日の夜は、レクシスジャパンの国際交流イベントMeet Upです。生徒様でない方も参加できます!

They are from Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, and USA! What a great mix of nationality! They get along very well!  Sometimes local Japanese students from English classes join the activities as well! International students get to speak Japanese that they learn in the class! We are all going out tomorrow night for the meet up!

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期間:    2017年2月6日~3月3日 平日月~金
時間:    午後6時~午後8時まで
費用:    無料
対象レベル: 初級レベルクラス・中級レベルクラス(高校生以上)
登録方法:  お名前、英語の自己申告レベル、参加希望日を下記のメールアドレスまでお送りください。こちらからご連絡させていただきます。日本語)もしくは、英語)


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今週の入学者 New Student starting today




Today we had 4 students starting the Intensive Japanese Course at Lexis Japan. From the left, Dennis from Finland, Judah from Canada, Quentin from France, and Pei-Yi (Renee) from Taiwan. What a great nationality mix! We love the big smiles on your faces!

They are all beginner level and started in the same class! In the afternoon, they came and interviewed Rika, the student services officer! They asked questions like “Where do you live? How many people are there in your family?”  Well done! Keep studying hard everyone!

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2017年 世界に通用する英語講師を目指す!

最近日本でも聞かれることの多くなったCELTA。教育・英会話・語学・留学業界の方は聞かれたことがあるはずです。CELTA(Certificate in English Language to Adulitsの略)は、イギリス・ケンブリッジ大学が認定している英語講師のための資格で、世界的に最も知られていて認められている資格と言えます。


Lexis TESOL Training Centres Japan (以下LTTC Japan) は、日本で唯一フルタイムでCELTAコースを受講できるCELTAセンターです。LTTC Japanとしては2016年11月に最初のCELTAコースを開講しました。二人の日本人受講者がいましたが、そのうちの一人Takaさんのインタビューも含め、CELTAコースについてより詳しくご案内させていただきます。



LTTC Japan 2017年CELTAコース開講情報

費用:250,000 円 (2017年度費用)
(例: ケンブリッジ英語検定試験CAEでB判定以上の合格、IELTS7.0以上など)




1 .   LTTC のウェブサイトからCELTAコースのページにアクセス

2. オンラインアプリケーションフォームより必要事項の入力(1ページ目)

3. Pre-Interview Task(2-3ページ目)を完成させる

4. オンラインアプリケーションを送信後、Lexis TESOL Training Centres (LTTC)のトレーニン

5. スカイプによる面接(60-90分)

6. 合否の連絡。



  • CELTAトレーナーとのコンタクトタイム(最低120時間)。英語教授法に関する授業だけでなく、個人面談、レッスンプランニング(授業準備)指導、フィードバック、トレーニー同士の授業見学評価など
  • 一般の生徒に対する模擬授業(トレーニー一人当たり、6時間)。模擬授業はCELTAトレーナーにより評価され、改善点などフィードバックをうける
  • CELTA資格保有の英語講師によって行われる授業を見学(6時間)
  • 模擬授業の準備で集めた資料や教材、その他ライティングの課題を一冊のファイルにまとめ、CELTAトレーナーに提出



  • 英語教授法の原則、外国語を教えるまた学ぶテクニック
  • 英語力:言語学における英語の形式、Phonology(音韻論、発音、音のストレスなど)、文法の機能など
  • 英語4技能(リスニング・スピーキング・リーディング・ライティング)の指導・学習について
  • クラスルームテクニック:プレゼンテーション、生徒の理解度のチェック方法、生徒の間違いに対する分析と指導方法、クラスルームマネージメント、グループワークやペアワークでの指導法など
  • レッスンプラン・コースプラン・授業スケジュールの組み立て方
  • 様々な学習・指導スタイル、生徒(高校生以上の大人)の英語レッスンに対するモチベーション維持の仕方など
  • あらゆる教材へのアプローチ方法



Q. TAKAさんの英語力は?


Q. CELTAコースを受講したきっかけは何ですか?


Q. CELTAコースを受講された率直な感想を聞かせてください


Q. 塾で英語講師として活躍されていますが、CELTAコースを受けてみていままでTAKAさんがされていた指導法と違いはありましたか?


CELTAコースでは、ペアワークやグループワークをさせて、いかに実際に話す・使ってみる(=アウトプット)の機会を増やすということを徹底的に集中します。また生徒がどれだけ理解しているかを確認する質問として、”Do you understand? ” や”Do you know ~?”という質問は絶対しては言えないということが衝撃的でした。この質問をしたら必ず生徒たちは”Yes”というからです。そのため、直接的に「Do you understand?わかりますか?」と聞くのではなく、CCQ(Concept Checking Question)といって、生徒が概念を理解しているかチェックする質問をするのです。

例えば、国歌=National Anthem というトピックを授業で話しているとしましょう。生徒がこのNational Anthemという単語を理解しているか確認したいときです。「National Anthemの例をあげてみて」「National Anthemをうたってみて」と生徒に指示を与えます。そこで、「君が代」が聞こえてくれば、その生徒はNational Anthemの意味を理解しています。「National Anthemってわかりますか?」という質問をせずに、生徒の理解度をチェックできるのです。










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New Faces!12月の入学者




10 students started studying Japanese at Lexis Japan in last two weeks! They are from Taiwan, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, China and the US! Boris san, who is from Australia (summer now!), please stay warm!!

On Friday, we will have Japanese course & English Course Christmas / end of year party! Let’s have fun together!



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When you think about “winter in Kobe”, Luminarie comes  to your mind straight away! The Kobe Luminarie is a very popular event and you can see the beautiful lights arcade. This event started on the 2nd of December, so some of the international students have already visited there, but they wanted to come again as the Luminarie captivates people.

They are using LED lights for safety reasons, also it’s very enviromentally friendly! A lot of people cannot help exclaiming “BEAUTIFUL” in front of the illuminations!

ヨウさんの話によると、台湾でも提灯をかざる綺麗なお祭りがあるそうです。Yang san told us that there are events in the Taipei area decolated by  a lot of lanterns. It must be breathbreaking to see the warm color lanterns light Taipei city!


We had a great time together, also we arrived just 2 minutes before the “Light Show” started.  It was nice timing and the lights illusion show was spectacular!

Let’s go to see the  Kobe Luminarie next year as well!

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午後の実践授業、Japanese Plus 

午後の授業の後半(2pm-3pm)ではJapanese Plusというクラスを開講しています。このクラスでは、「言語としての日本語だけでなく、何かプラスアルファのものを学んで欲しい」ということで、週替わりのトピックで様々なことを学べます。

At Lexis Japan, we run “Japanese Plus” in the afternoon from 2pm to 3pm. Students can learn not only the Japanese language but also the other Japan/Japanese related things such as culture, manners, customs, etc.  The topic changes every week!


This week’s topic is “a presentation in Japanese”. Three students who are graduating today did their presentations on “Places / things I recommend in Japan”.


原稿を読まず、おすすめのポイントをしっかりと発表できました。来週のJapanese Plusのトピックは「インタビュー調査」です。みなさん頑張りましょうね!

They did a really great job presenting such things as Mt.Fuji (Peter), Fukuoka (Silvia) and craft beer in Japan (Antti). Well done! Keep studying hard you  guys!

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Keijiさん、Mikiさんご夫婦は、留学生とのMeet Upイベントや、レクシス語学学院のスチューデントイベント「お花見」や「忘年会」、「ボーリング大会」にも参加してくださり、たくさんの留学生と仲良くしてくださいました。いつも明るくて、楽しいお二人はすぐに留学生と仲良くなっていましたよ。そんなお二人からのレクシス語学学院に関するフィードバックをご紹介させてください。








いつでもLexis Japanに遊びにきてくださいね、お待ちしております。


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CELTAコース受講者による 無料英語レッスンスタート!






無料英語レッスンは、途中からのご参加もOK!和気あいあいとレッスンをしていますので、是非いまからでもご登録ください。無料英語レッスンご希望の方は、078-331-0944までお電話もしくは までお名前・ご自身の英語レベル・参加希望日をお知らせください。



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先週の卒業者と今週の入学者 Farewell and new students


Last Friday, Patrick from Austria graduated from Lexis Japan. Patrick san gave us really positive feedback on Lexis Japan! Thank you Patrick san! When students are happy, then we are happy!lexis-japan-04112016-finishers-2


今週は日本語コースには3人の入学者がいました。This week, three students started the Intensive Japanese course .



In the top photo, from the left is Thomas from Austria, Rod from UK, and Nora from Austria. It is getting a little cold in Kobe but Kobe is so beautiful in Winter, especially at night with all the lights.  We hope you all have a great time in Kobe!


そして今週からLexis TESOL Training Centres-Japanとして最初のCELTAコースがスタートしました。7人の受講生に加え、CELTA公認トレーナーのDavid先生とStuart先生、またLexis TESOL Training Centresのトレーニングマネージャーのデイブが来日しました。日本では最近、CELTAやそのほかのケンブリッジ資格が注目されています。今回の受講生のうち2名の方も、日本人です。


This week, our very first CELTA course started! We welcomed 7 students with 4 different nationalities. We also welcomed David and Stuart who are qualified CELTA trainers at Lexis TESOL Training Centres – and the Training Manager, Dave. Good luck everybody!



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