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先週の卒業者と今週の入学者 Good bye and Hello!

先週の金曜日は、3人の生徒が卒業しました。頑張り屋さんで笑顔の素敵な3人だったので、とてもさみしいですね。 On last friday, 3 students graduated from Lexis Japan. All of them had the greatest smiles and positive attitude to learning! We miss them already! 2週間の日本語コースを修了したアメリカ人のブリトンさん。日本人というか関西人のノリの彼は、クラスのムードメーカーでしたよ。 Britton from USA completed 2 weeks of Intensive Japanese course. He has real … Continue reading

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Zoe and Aimee in Japan

Zoe and Aimee in Kobe! Wow! I’ve been incredibly lucky to visit Japan! I’ve been here for three days now, and it’s been amazing!  I’m currently in Kobe, which is near Osaka, Japan’s second biggest city. This is where the … Continue reading

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